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Every Home Dawg Inspection House Inspection includes:


Printed or digital PDF report versions (including thermographic and digital images) from the inspection with a complete summary of deficiencies

Professional, Friendly Home Inspection Expert

Home Owners Manual with Maintenance Tips and Lifecycles

Our reports are available within 24 hours of a completed inspection. They are comprehensive and clearly detail the results of the inspection.


We comply with the InterNACHI Residential Standards of Practice and will inspect the following areas of your home when safely accessible and visible:




1) Exterior


      ⦁ Roof 

      ⦁ Exterior Clading 

      ⦁ Porch, Deck, and Walkways 

      ⦁ Attached Garage 

      ⦁ Driveway


2) Interior


      ⦁ Built-In Appliances 

      ⦁ Fireplace 

      ⦁ Ceilings, Floors, Walls, Stairways 

      ⦁ Windows and Doors 

      ⦁ Smoke and CO Detectors 

      ⦁ Kitchens and Bathrooms

3) Structural


      ⦁ Foundation 

      ⦁ Basement/Crawlspace 

      ⦁ Support Structure 

      ⦁ Attic, Ventilation, and Insulation

4) Mechanical Systems


      ⦁ Electrical System 

      ⦁ Plumbing System 

      ⦁ Heating System 

      ⦁ Cooling System 

      ⦁ Water Heater




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